Hello, I’m Sarah.

Most likely, you don’t remember learning how to walk. I know I don’t. But watching a baby or a person recovering from a crucial injury in this area reminds us how difficult it can be. Falling, tears, unsure steps, frustration, falling again…

Healing work is like learning to walk again. It’s hard, uncomfortable, and wobbly. You will fall over and over, but the point is that you aren’t learning to walk alone. Life is hard, and I believe that as your therapist, I will go alongside you in your journey so that you can learn to walk again on your own. 

I believe every person has an individual perspective shaped and molded by personal experiences and the world around them. Because of this, I believe every person is unique and desires self-fulfillment, and I hope to aid individuals in reaching their personal goals of healing and growth.

As an African American woman, I am passionate about making mental health services and education more accessible for all. In many communities, mental health is still taboo, with many negative stigmas. I am here to tell you that there is strength in getting the help you need to be physically healthy and mentally whole. In embracing who you are, I hope to see and understand you in a way that you haven’t been understood before—opening the door for you to see yourself in beautiful and unique ways that make you, YOU. 

When not in the therapy room, you can find me on the couch watching a well-written series with my 12-year-old poodle Bentley, trying a new eatery, or in a hammock with my partner. I am a fan of fun and adventure. Travel is my middle name. I also dabble in doodling from time to time… it might be my hidden talent.

Valley To Mountain Peak

The Formal Stuff

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Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate | License No: 90993

Supervised By: LaNora Ferguson, LPC-S | License No: 65617





We promise that you’ll be treated as a unique person with intrinsic value and that together, we will move through the valleys of life, into mountains of courage and clarity.