Janice at Valley to Mountain

Hello, I’m Jeanne

First things first. I get a lot of people asking how I pronounce my name, and you may too. Just think of that blue guy in Aladdin, and you’ve got it.

Now, to what I believe: Life is not about being perfect. The truth is, none of us are flawless, and that’s what makes us real. One time, someone called me a licensed stranger. It’s silly, but it’s true!

As a Korean-American, I know first-hand the importance of sitting with you and addressing topics such as culture, identity, miscommunication, and intergenerational conflict. We are unique in our ways, and sometimes embracing feeling a little different is hard.

Like any relationship, connecting with me may take time. Counseling isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience, but I hope you leave our sessions with a sense of understanding and empowerment to initiate positive changes.

We’ll navigate this path together through genuine self-reflection, embracing authenticity, and exploring your emotions together to witness healing in your life.

Often, the most challenging part is taking the first step, and I would love to walk side-by-side with you. Let’s create a safe space where you can be you, where we can laugh, explore, and unravel the beautiful tapestry of your unique story.

Outside the office, you can find me lost in the pages of a good book, exploring the world, and visiting a new coffee shop every weekend with my husband. As much as I love traveling and seeing the world, my favorite place to be is snuggled up on my couch with a soft blanket. I enjoy shaking through a Pilates class and living life with my community.

Janice at Valley to Mountain
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The Formal Stuff

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Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate | License No: 85048

Supervised By: Stephanie Thomas, LPC-S | License No: 62409


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We promise that you’ll be treated as a unique person with intrinsic value and that together, we will move through the valleys of life, into mountains of courage and clarity.