Rosie The Therapy Dog

Hello, I’m Rosie

Hi there! My name is Rosie, and I am the tail-wagging director of client happiness at VxM. I’m a certified therapy dog on a mission to spread love and comfort where I go. 

I officially joined the team in 2022 and have been a favorite among the practice! My gentle demeanor and constant friendly wagging tail make me the perfect companion for anyone in need of a little extra warmth and support. 

My training has equipped me with the skills to provide comfort and companionship to those facing life’s challenges. Whether you need a furry blanket to sit in your lap during a tough day or a four-legged friend to share some smiles, I’m here for you. 

I’ve mastered the art of the belly rub and the art of lifting spirits. My favorite activities include snuggling up with a good book, offering soft nudges to brighten your day, and, of course, showing off my impressive repertoire of tricks. 

I’m a great listener, and your secrets are always safe with me. Together, we can navigate the ups and downs, one paw at a time. Let’s create moments and embark on this journey of healing together! 

Can’t wait to meet you and share some heartwarming moments.

Rosie The Therapy Dog


We promise that you’ll be treated as a unique person with intrinsic value and that together, we will move through the valleys of life, into mountains of courage and clarity.