Kristin at Valley to Mountain

Hi, Kristin here.

I consider myself an adventurous person. I like the outdoors and outdoor sports like skiing and soccer—it’s exercise without making it feel like exercise. At times I am also on the opposite end of the spectrum, snuggled up in a blanket, candles going, tea in hand, and watching a good movie with my husband. (We just got married, so that’s been fun!)

Personal stuff aside, my passion has always been people—helping people grow in ways that didn’t seem possible. I love sharing the skills that aid in coping with adjustments we all experience at some point in our lives. I believe that everyone has the potential to grow and overcome, and it is often a matter of what tools are inside our toolboxes. 

Being a Mexican American woman, I understand the different pressures and stigmas that exist in my culture and surrounding counseling. It is very important to me to help rebuild the perception many have in regard to what counseling truly is. I have seen pride get in the way of help. It is important to recognize the effect cultural differences have on every aspect of our lives while also learning that help is never something to be ashamed of. 

My goal is to help equip you to overcome challenges, and if the challenges can’t be overcome, then learning to manage and cope may be the next best goal. 

I look forward to meeting you and working through your challenge to empower you to grow and achieve more. That’s why I’m here. So, let’s do this counseling thing without making it feel like counseling.

Kristin at Valley to Mountain
Valley To Mountain Peak

The Formal Stuff

You gotta know we’re legit, so here is the info that you may want to check out if you feel so inclined.



Counseling Intern Student

Supervised By: University of North Texas at Dallas



Bilingual Counseling Available - English and Spanish




We promise that you’ll be treated as a unique person with intrinsic value and that together, we will move through the valleys of life, into mountains of courage and clarity.